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#6 – Merch Review: MrBeast, Fullsend, Danny Duncan

I reviewed MrBeast's, Fullsend's and Danny Duncan's merchandise stores to audit them for lost revenue that can be optimized for.


welcome back to the Sam Weinstein showI'm going to be reviewing three clothingbrands merch for Mr Beast milk full sendand Danny Duncan so I used to do theseclothing brand audits on Tick Tock and Icreated a whole series they got prettypopular after a while so I decided torelaunch that on YouTube and on thepodcast help provide value to thoseclothing brand owners and you guyswatching at home so the first site wehave is by Mr Beast he's not only thenumber one channel on YouTube but themost followed Creator on Tick Tock sothis is what his merch site looks likeand he's actually sponsored by Shopifyso they built out his entire site forhim from the ground up and it seems likehis strategy what he's doing is more ofthe drop style merch store where everymonth or so there's a lead up to a bigdrop and then the store opens and theclothing drops so people can order andwhat that does is it increases theurgency and increases the scarcity tothen be able to charge higher prices andwhile I think drops are an importantpart of the strategy to incorporate intoyour clothing brand it's typically notthe best way to have your clothing brandbecause during 99 of the time no one canbuy you're not serving those customerswho want to buy right now but what Jimmydoes and this is really smart he has anemail box so it says enter your emailfor updates so that people that come tothe side can enter their email for newdrops or offers or promos and Mr Beastis able to use that email address toretarget again or in data or marketingso that there's at least one action forpeople to take but the amazing thing MrBeast does is that they have a custombuilt mobile game on the website itselfthis not only gamifies the website toturn the website into a game and matchesbrand but it incentivizes people to staylonger on the site and the longersomeone stays on a website the morelikely they are to buy because they'rebrowsing all the channels and seeing theoverall value of what Mr Beast has tooffer so we'll try playing the gameright here it says Lambo jump so youjump over a Lamborghini my high score is1099. let's try playing okay so I thinkit's like on Chrome when you do theturtle thing or the T-Rex okay I'mjumping I'm jumping I'm getting thecoins oh boy I'm jumping on theLamborghinis how fast does this go thisblue Lamborghinis yellow Lamborghinisdoes this speed upoh my gosh okay oh oh it is speeding uppink Lamborghini is there some sort ofpower up I wonder how oh I know I missedthe coin oh my gosh okay this is reallyintense holy cow there's a tealLamborghini blue Lamborghini it's theyellow ones wait how do I see okay Ican't even look there I want to see myhigh score but I'm going too fast okayum I want 5 000 coins five thousanddollarsuh I'm still going this palm trees blueLamborghinis yellowoh my gosh what am I at now I wonder ohoh that was close oh my gosh it's goingfaster it's really going fastokay oh my it split up againthis is a new high score what am I doingwhat is going on hereoh my gosh oh my goodnessit'slike so fast for me to handle good I Ithink ah I have a good frame rate I'mnot sure if you guys can see but whoawhoa whoa I like the sound effects toothe sound effects are really niceand I like how it's like Jimmy itselfit'd be cool if you could pick thecharacters but holy camoly holy smokesI'm going really fast now ahthis is now a gaming video guysI know okay I got a new high score 15850 let me know if you guys can beatthat but again what that did is itgamified the site and incentivized me tostay longer on the site so thatcustomers can buy more that was reallyintense so the second site fullsend.comis by the Knuck boys they're on happyDad they've been killing it in the crateeconomy space I'm on the website thefirst thing I see is they're offering alimited time knife which is good butthis is the only thing you see so if Iland on the website most people thatland on the website if they see a bigbanner with nothing else they're gonnathink that's the only thing there is tooffer what you want to do is you want tohave something down here down below likevalue props testimonials that peopleknow they can actually scroll down andexplore all so there's the the full setknife there's a few designs at firstthere's a key I like how they have thecolors down below the variance you don'tneed it if it's just one to choose frombut they have some really unique itemswhich I like there's this beer prongtable 150 bucks whole sense socks fullsun flag full stain classic ashtray fullstand logo keychains and then down hereyou have the collection so you have fullsync Classics full sync golf Hezbollahdriving so this is their newest video Ibelieve exclusive content on the site sokind of like Mr Beast did with the videogame fullsen is offering exclusivecontent to be able to go to their siteso if people just want the exclusivecontent then they also see all theproducts and services they're offeringso content in a way acts as a lostleader or they want to push people tothe site for the content but then peoplealso see all the products and servicesthey offer this is kind of like inCostco when you enter Costco they have alost theater of the 4.99 chicken in theback you have to walk all the waythrough the store in Costco to get tothe chickens the same thing with thefood they offer at ice cream but they'venever changed the price up because itacts as a loss leader to get people inthe door so they can browse all theproducts and add them into theirshopping cart which is actuallyAmericanized super size so theirshopping cart feels bigger than it is sothey add even more stuff to theirshopping cart Costco is an expert atthis but that similar concept applieshere for with the exclusive content andthey have joined the family okay so thisis the email box you can if you'd likeadd a coupon to the email saying youknow get five dollars off whateveryou're offering right away so that whenthey enter the email all they have to dois copy the coupon we're automaticallyapplies to the site right then and thereto increase the likelihood they're goingto opt in but I like the Simplicity ofthe side it's very nice the account herethat can be moved to the bottom of thestore the logo I would move to the leftand what you'll notice in big clothingbrands like Fanatics or Amazon is thatthey have a big search box in the middleof their header that takes up all theroom and this is because customers thatsearch are actually worth four to fivetimes more than the people who don'tbecause they have shopping intent it'slike if you search something on Googlelike flip-flops you're already lookingfor flip-flops which means you're thatmuch more likely to buy than someone whoisn't looking for flip-flops they'realready pre-sold then in the navigationover here are Classics okay so these areall the classics I'm gonna go to all itwon't let me go to all let's fix thatlet's go to Hall and then what's missinghere is a filter and sort by selectionbecause the whole purpose of thecollection page is to get people towhere they're going and help them findthe product they're looking for so whatI'll do manually is add the best sellertag these are all the products in thestore this one being the best sellingitem currently which is the Hezbollahvintage tea let's look at that they havethe color this can be removed sincethere's only one color will be hiddenthe size this is good I would remove theout of sizes you may consider adding asize guide like something that says fitstrue to size or size guide right therefor people to click and then an imagepops up but it's very clean on the leftI like that clear for customers this isan obstacle for customers so you onlywant to have one add to cart button onthe product page to stop customers fromgetting confused so just have the add tocart you don't even need a quantityselector right here that can be in thecar now this is really cool they havethe full send meta card holder so theirmetacar nft integrates with the fullsend shop that's really nice because itacts like a club if they have a metacard and you have the details forclothing you don't need that manydetails but it would help having somecopywriting in the description righthere see shipping details that's a quitea long time to ship but at least there'ssome information what I did in Amazondoes this as well is if they know theirshipping times you can add that underthe add to card button that says youknow get it between February 25th andFebruary 27th so that customers knowwhen their product is going to bedelivered if you like there's a supereasy snippet of code I can add that'sjust plug and play and then down herethere's shop more I'm not sure if thisis just a recommended area or if this isbased on an algorithm or manually sortedbut unless they know this section isproven to convert and add more valueinto their cart I would get rid of itentirely or add complementary productslike if there's the exact same design onthe hoodie have it here but you onlywant products on the product page thatare add-ons if it makes sense to bundleit with the original product like ashirt and then the Hat with the samedesign or a hoodie with the same designbut I do like how everything's so clearthat's a good upside and it keeps peoplefocused now most of the items on thecollection page are sold out unlessyou're having a live drop I would hidethe sold out pieces because again peopleare trying to find what they're lookingfor but I get during a live drop it addsmore urgency and scarcity and so forthbut if you're not doing a live job thenand there just hide the sold out piecesthey have some really high quality fullsend gear I really like this only havethe supplements on the supplement page Iwant to add the images down here belowinstead of arrows it looks really cleanI would add upsell options right here sobundle one bundle two bundle four toincrease our average order value I wouldadd better copywriting in thedescription and then unless this is amerch drop these are way too many itemshere what I would do is I would take thetop 20 of customers in terms of customerlifetime value see what they purchasebundle it together into one product andremove the other eighty percent becauseyou want more customers that are likeyour top 20 otherwise the Fulfillmentcost gets way too high and your toptwenty percent of customers areexponentially more valuable because youcan jack the price up and your brand isworth more to them let's add this to thecar yeah the cart's great I would removethe view cart and also the shipping andtaxes calculator check out unless that'srequired maybe add a green check markhere and then at checkout so there's apop-up you can add these to the orderbut unless you know 100 you know yournumber is that this is going to convertand actually increases the aov insteadof hindering people from the car andblocking them I would remove it entirelyespecially the ones that have variantselectors that just increases the stepseven more and then this is the simplecheckout here I would add reviews in thebanner so like 10 000 happy customersbut overall the site looks really goodother than one thing and that one thingis you have no review so not only canyou display reviews down below toincrease trust among customers but youcan use that content the ugc usergenerated content for ads or in videosor leverage in giveaways and whatnot andalso use that to refer customers makesure you're adding reviews to your siteand collecting them and then the lastsite Danny I mean thisguy's in over nine figures in merch he'skilling it in the merch game so the onething I would update immediately is thebanners you only want to have one Bannerotherwise it's distracting I would add abig search up here because againcustomers who search are worth four tofive times more I like these selectionsup here and that you can actually seethe collections image and the titles I'mnot sure why there's a shop all here butthen shop now there you have thecollections down below you can click onthe collections that's nice maybe add acollections text and then if we scrolldown I like how everything looks I wasso clear and transparent that's greatthere's some really funny designsthere's a Chia Pet some stickersvirginity rocks but everything looksclear and concise swipe backgroundsthere's nothing distracting you havesome collabs with Hooters oh I like thisyou can shop the look so you have I lovehot moms you have the exact look thatDanny's wearing the hoodie that shirtthe shorts and the slippers but what Iwould do and this is something Amazondoes well and that's either add a add tocart button for everything or combineeverything into a bundle and thendiscount that bundle from what it wouldbe everything else separate bundleeverything together and add somethinglike a box to enhance the productexperience even more but I think outfitsand bundles are something that clothingbrands are not utilizing enough to gettheir average order value up so thatthey can acquire more customers then youhave them here the famous Mystery Boxemail me when it drops I would have theemail field input so you can click andenter right then and there but themystery box it's sold out right now thisis something Danny does very well andthat is he bundles everything togethercreate a higher ticket product whichgenerates even more Revenue but alsosince it's a mystery box it adds a levelof surprise so that the perceived valuegoes up and it can charge even more buthe only charges 69 bucks instead of 130which I guess 69 bucks is the brand andalso since it's a mystery you can useproducts that are maybe left over fromanother drop to clear out all theinventory so it's a win-win the customergets a mystery and Danny holds on toless inventory you can also make themystery box subscription they get everymonth or included in the latest monthlydrop and they have the frequently boughttogether I like that given it convertsyou may also like I would remove thisunless you know your numbers you knowit's converting at the checkout there'sway too many buttons I wouldn't have anyjust collect their email so they knowwhat to focus on or keep one of themhowever many customers leave reviews onyour checkout Banner so 100 000 happycustomers and whatnot and speaking ofreviews there are no reviews here soagain I don't know why YouTubers don'tdo this more but they're not collectingany reviews to The Leverage in thefuture content of their customers createa community so that they can replacethemselves and add Enterprise Value thefocus should not be Danny Duncan thefocus should be the Danny DuncanCommunity or The Virginity rocks brandthat's how you're going to create moreEnterprise Value and then like full sendwith Danny Duncan I would add a clublike a 69 club or something so that youcan upsell the club after they purchasesomething and generate subscriptionRevenue because then you have recurringRevenue rather than reoccurring Revenuewith these merch drops where people arenot guaranteed to buy every month sothose are my clothing brand reviews andhow I would add Enterprise Valueclothing brands to increase theircustomer lifetime value so that theyhave a better product experience overthe long term and are able to grow theirbusiness more efficiently if you're aclothing brand owner who like a freeconsole there's a link in thedescription otherwise be sure tosubscribe and let me know which otherclothing brands you'd like me to reviewnext