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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Sam Weinstein shows episode three you know what they say third camera's a charm first episode I recordon the first camera that had a problem second episode a different camera overheated and then I ordered a third camera after just Googling what does JoeRogan use and apparently he uses a camcorder which I totally forgot existed so hopefully this setup works now andwe'll be able to produce more content so let's get right into it so I wrote an article titled our mbas now useless andI put on the cover is a picture of Kim Kardashian and the chap GPT logo and the reason I wrote this is because the otherday Kim Kardashian actually went to Harvard Business School and yeah I'll read it right now it says the question asked more and more these days the timesof golden parachutes to leadership may be over a new Challenger has approached and for those of you who don't know what golden parachuting means it means allthese NBA students who go to the fancy Business Schools and get into the right places and know the right people after they go into the business school theyget connected with the right companies with the right people and are basically parachuted down into a company to then lead it without ever actually beingthere so they're essentially like a manager just coming in and replacing the CEO this month Kim Kardashian spoke at Harvard Business School to a group ofMBA students there she is I spoke at Harvard Business School yesterday for a class called HBS morning Beyond EDCdirect to Consumer the classes assignment was to learn more about skims her company so I'm my partner Jen and I spoke about our marketing our challengeis our greatest wins so I said as a businesswoman herself she discussed which direct to Consumer inside she's experience from retirement scams inAmerican shape or clothing brand including their marketing challenges and greatest wins this is a picture of them they give professor and Harvard BusinessSchool for having us hashtag bucket list dream there they are yet in a recently published research paper titled which atGPT get award in MBA a prediction based off of its performance in the operations management course by Wharton ProfessorChristian for weish with artificial intelligence be able to replace NBA students according to the professor thebot score between a B and B minus in the final he stated the box score showed its remarkable ability to automate some ofthe skills highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledgeable workers in the job held by MBA graduates including analystsmanagers and Consultants the bot did an amazing job at basic operations management and process analysis questions including the that are basedon case study he also suggested the boss explanations were excellent and remarkably good at modifying its answers in response to human hints this begs thequestion if artificial intelligence can replace mbas which value remains in a recent podcast of legendary PayPal mafiaboss and entrepreneur David Sachs the interviewer Coleman Hughes described his experience at Columbia University he argued almost all of the income boostsyou get from having a college degree comes via the signaling value of having completed the degree rather than fromany new skills these also States the notion of college is effectively a four-year IQ and work ethic test ratherthan an experience that actually makes you smarter and a more valuable worker sax replied suggesting he had a similarexperience at Stanford University many years ago like Kardashian when co-founder and former CEO of Netflix Mark Randolph spoke to groups of NBAstudents he was shocked at the number of students who expected to become wealth managers tripolo says when I speak toBusiness Schools I'm shocked at the amount of people who want to become wealth managers he claimed more mbas these days look to manage other people'smoney rather than create value themselves and ask what are we teaching people one could argue Business Schoolslike Harvard have become more in the business of indoctrination than education why do certain graduates from Harvard Business School end up managingHarvard's own 53.2 billion dollar non-profit endowmentcould it be that schools like Harvard have become increasingly focused on grooming students to grow their endowment rather than teach realeducation Peter Thiel well-known entrepreneur in Stanford Dropout May believe so he launched the Theo Fellowship challenging highly talentedentrepreneurs to drop out in exchange for a hundred grand Grant to quote build things instead of sitting in a classroomthe fellowship included people like vitalik beerton co-founder of ethereum and Dylan field the co-founder of figmawhich sold to Adobe for 20 billion Theo believes we're living in a quote education bubble with Rising tuitioncosts he States we now have a 1.3 trillion dollar student debt which is only 300 billion in 2000. it's gone upby a factor of four in 15 years and he spoke about this a few years ago he asked is the education worth the debtpeople are assuming in States under President Bush the bankruptcy law laws were Rewritten so that even if you werepersonally bankrupt you'll pay student debt for the rest of your life and if you haven't paid it off by the timeyou're 65 they garnish your Social Security as if student debt exists in a vacuum still used to believe in the typeof good traditional education provided was a mix between an investment and one's future and a consumption good likea four-year party but now argues It's a combination much crazier on one hand he argued the main reason people go tocollege is as an insurance product where people go because they're scared of falling through the big cracks in our society so even if it's not a greatinvestment it's still important to buy insurance Phil suggested this is why parents save up so much money to sendtheir children to college and why kids take up so much student debt whenever people are spending this much on insurance Theo said the underlyingquestion we should be asking is why have the cracks in our society gotten so big on the other hand Theo said it's atournament which is the exact opposite of insurance and suggested the value of these Elite universities is driven byexclusion and came to a nightclub with an enormous line of people not letting anyone in when you conflate a tournamentwith an insurance policy you end up with some really wacky decisions steel concluded he also shared his thoughts onthe value of MBA degrees and that while he's skeptical making sweeping statements he believes that an MBA may not be the best investment for somestudents as a typical profile of an MBA student may not be well suited for entrepreneurship they'll describe MBAstudents as anti-aspergers and extroverted often with low conviction he also noted the hot house environment ofbusiness school can lead to her like thinking and a tendency for students to pursue fields that they're well not suited for their interests or strengthPhil suggested a better path forward may be through gaining Real World experience by building companies and working onspecific projects before pursuing an MBA to resist the herd mentality and the downfall of Ivy League Jordan Petersonargued this herd-like mentality is the same that led Ivy League schools to replace merit-based thinking withradical segregation-based thinking what Equity really means today is segregation he suggested this resulted in a loweringof standards and a devaluation of degrees from these institutions and that Silicon Valley companies are now lesslikely to hire graduates from Ivan league universities as their competitiveness has decreased comparedto other schools instead Hanson claimed these companies are stealthily administering their own tests ofprospects rendering mba's non-sufficient Peterson argued the mission of students without Merit to Ivy League educationcaused a decline in the quality of Education offered at these institutions quote The Ivy Leagues had transformedthemselves from an old boys club in the 1960s to highly Elite intellectual institutions by the 1990s he said butthen what he saw was that being members of the one percent with almost certain Hallmarks of long-term success was notenough for students and their idiot professors they had to have the label of a press too quote you have theseunbelievably fortunate ivy league students who were offered an opportunity unparalleled in human history whilesimultaneously claiming the status of the poor and oppressed having all the Privileges and opportunities of the Richand Powerful wasn't enough to them they had to have all the virtues of the poor and oppressed too Peterson stated Hansonreplied claiming there was a movement of parasitical exploiters devaluing the institutions Brands so that admissionand graduation are the same grades are abolished and everyone passes regardless of marriage so once you get into theuniversities it's almost like oh become an alumni now see they don't want any merit-based thinking or any tests oncethey get into the club and so they've basically reduced the brand of the institutions of the Ivy Leagues tonothing and the companies are noticing this and are allegedly issuing their own tests because the degrees of these IvyLeague schools have no merit and therefore are worth no value now Richard Wallace an MBA graduate discussed comments made by Elon Musk about thevalue of MBA graduates to companies musk argue there is too much emphasis on PowerPoint as opposed to productimprovements in companies and there may be too many mbas running companies he suggested the path to leadership shouldnot be through MBA programs but rather by earning one ways up by doing useful things and that there is too muchembassation of America quote there's a bit too much of the somebody goes to a high profile MBA school and then kind ofparachutes in as a leader but they don't actually know how things work Wells agreed with some of us points heacknowledged that while mbas can add value to a company they are not typically the ones that are responsiblefor Meaningful Innovation and that product Focus people like engineers and Builders are the ones improving productexperience however as the company grows walls believes mbas can Leverage The levers of value in a business by understanding where operationalimprovements can be made to maxifize Enterprise Value walls used Tesla as an example of the product that sells itselfTesla focused a disproportionate amount of energy pun intended on creating the best product and in return spent zerodollars on marketing he believes for an MBA to make the biggest impact they must have real world experience beforeearning their MBA so with AI passing mbas the decline of merit-basededucation and companies creating their own Alternatives what value does an MBA have left which do you believe are mbashere to stay or go and so I wrote that article with the intent of highlighting where the current state of the mba'sstand and a lot of these mbas what they do is they go to business school they have no experience whatsoever they'vegone to a four-year party and then they just get parachuted into a Fortune 500 company thinking they can use their Theory and what not to justify whatthey've learned when in reality the ones who succeed in business the most are the ones who have real world experience sothe most valuable mbas are people who have run their own business first like I have and they go to business school tothen network with people start another company and then grow that as well rather than being golden parachuted downand acting as a CEO slash manager and with AI passing mbas and all these big tests like the MCAT or the bar it'sgonna make it even harder for people to justify why doctors are spending 16 years in medical school or really thereturn on investment of higher education because if an AI can do it what's the point of wasting your life and gettinginto hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt just to be replaced by an AI at the end of it so if you haven't already goto and read that whole article for yourself and let me know what you think because nowadays the average Silicon Valley consultant lookslike this do play instruments barely do you know how to work a soundboard nothey have no technical ability and I know nothing about music you must know something well I know whatI like and what I don't like and I'm decisive about what I like and what Idon't like so what are you being paid for the confidence that I have in my tasteand my ability to express what I feel has proven helpful for artists these arethe Consultants you play of today and so what sort of happens is these mbas go to business school to get parachuted intothese companies or they go to Investment Banking or hedge fund management to then manage your own money against you and sothis is what Vivek Roma Swami talks about he says if you want to advance the ESG go with your own money then fine butyou can't use someone else's money to do it whether you're a BlackRock or a pension fund let's watch here if you are fine with your own money being used toadvance a climate agenda or racial Equity agenda if you are fine of usingyour dollars to tell Apple that they have to adopt a racial Equity hiring system that they don't want that's what's goodor that that oil company should produce less oil even if that means higher prices at the pump there's no problemwith this because that's what a good number of people would want to do with their own money turns out though mostAmericans don't want to advance that agenda with you hard-earned life savings their 401Kaccounts their retirement accounts their brokerage accounts they don't want that right well it turns out the rudesurprises guess what your money is being used to advance those agendas anyway soyou think you go to The Ballot Box and vote every November that's what you said people are concerned about is that what people yesyou're already voting every day without your knowledge with your own hard-earneddollars to do it for policies that undermine the very objectives that you think you're voting for when you pullthat lever at The Ballot Box and so they're making a farce out of your vote that's just the first thing so now yougo to the Gas Pump and you're paying five dollar gas you know last summer on one hand you are using your 401k accountto cause oil companies to produce less oil which causes gas prices to go up yetwith the other hand you're also paying five dollar gas so you're left holding the bag well some client in China gets to investin a Chinese BlackRock fund that gets to own Petro China which is buying up some of the projects on the other side so thequestion is if you were willing to sacrifice investment return in your dollars and your hard-earned savings toadvance a one-dimensional vision of how to solve climate change or addresssystemic racism through quota systems or whatever then there's no problem for you you need not worry about this in fact Ihave good news for you that's exactly what's happening with your money if you did not want to advance the agendas with your own Hardwareyour money's probably being used to advance those agendas anyway and so onone hand you didn't get that promotion at work because we don't have meritocratic hiring systems at many companies anymore because of the s-prongmovement on the other hand the five percent that you put away into your 401kaccount right your money was actually used to create that very situation well for Vic is basically saying is that allthese big hedge funds of blackrocks the state streets that all think the same way they've basically gone in and takenyour 401ks whether you have that at Vanguard or some other brokerage and they've collected it they've Managed ITwhere all these managers like to go and they're using it for or things that are not in your best interest without youknowing is this illegal possibly is anything being done about it not to my knowledge but the fact that this isgoing on according to vivec is really kind of gross it honestly makes a lot of sense what we're seeing in our societytoday he says the fact that most citizens don't know their money is used to vote for racial Equity Audits andemission caps isn't actually their fault the system was designed to hide it from them this is a multi-trillion dollarfraud and makes SPF 8 billion looks small by comparison but one of thethings I've identified here Larry is an interesting opportunity opportunity for legal reform under existing laws so withthe black rocks and state streets and vanguards of the world are doing is they're using the money of everyday citizens to vote for things like racialEquity audits at Apple or scope 3 emissions caps at Chevron and I've written shareholder letters to bothcompanies but here's what they're doing this here's what's gone unnoticed the people giving them that money oftenisn't the citizens directly it's Pension funds it's 401k it's local wealthmanagers it turns out those people have personal liability if they are directingtheir clients funds to investment funds managed by ESG promoting asset managers without disclosing it and getting theexpress consent of mom and pop of the doctors the nurses the teachers thefirefighters whose money is actually being used to advance these political objectives and my prediction is if youask those everyday citizens do you want your money to be used to vote for a racial Equity audit most of them will say absolutely not and I think thatcould be a path to the end of this debate sunlight could be a disinfectant in fact I think the law already requiresit now people need to just start behaving in accordance with it by actually telling their clients what's happening that's really crazy to hearthat a lot of these Pension funds or hedge funds are taking your money out of your Social Security allegedly and areusing it financially against you would you want your pension fund used against you as a voting mechanism I certainlywouldn't in fact Grandma Swami says I've traveled the country to meet with the State Pension funds treasurers and corporations it is staggering how muchinfluence BlackRock and ISS have wielded over these institutions they've captured the systems in red and blue States aliketime to bring in new alternatives to the table Elon Musk applying far too much power is concentrated in the hands of shareholder Services compared like Isisand glass Lewis because so much of the market is passive index funds which Outsource shareholder voting decisionsto them ISS and glass Lewis effectively control the stock market so Elon Musk is stating that since so much of the stockmarket is S P 500 and all these mutual funds most of the people are just passively investing and when they're notpaying attention to their own stocks they get taken advantage of and that's when all these managers come in andstart putting things everywhere that goes against their own interests is that happening to you reveck repliedBlackRock State Street and Vanguard claimed to be shareholders but they're not the real owners of public companiessmaller fund managers delegate their own votes to Isis and glass Lewis ESG is a cartel that's why I started strive tobreak it up it's early days but the signs are good don't look like the effect is starting his own hedge fund to combat these woke institutions that areinvesting everyday Americans 401ks into things that go against their own interests Vex says here's an interestingquestion for a real journalist to ask how much of money is Blackrock alone spending each month right now in justthe red States the answer will probably shock most Americans and reveal how badly rigged the pension fund game is sothey're really going after your pension fund allegedly the fact said Elon what are you going to do when they propose a racial Equity audit at Tesla it's likelycoming soon apple and Home Depot didn't want to do it but the ESG cartel forcedit on them anyway wow so apple and Home Depot did these racial Equity audience against their will because of BlackRockand State Street and all these hedge funds forcing them to do it and reveck is asking it's only a matter of timebefore they do that to Tesla what is Elon going to do in other business is Jeff Bezos may sell Washington Post tobuy commanders so Jeff Bezos allegedly may sell the Washington Post a newspaper to buy an NFL team in Washington saysdoes Jeff Bezos love football more than he loves newspaper there's a question getting tossed around the nation's capital as NFL franchises hit the blockChatter's growing on the Amazon's billionaire founder is looking for a way to purchase the Washington commanders byselling the Washington Post the speculation boosted last month by League publisher Fred Ryan disclosing layoff plans at an unruly town hall meeting theproblem for Bezos repeatedly is that the commanders in battle owner Dan Snyder is still sore over the story newspaperseries of exposes alleging a toxic management culture at the team where bosses including Snyder allegedlyenabled harassment some even believe that Snyder's suspected basis who bought the Washington Post in 2013 for 250million encouraged a tough coverage of in 2020 a bid to force him to sell the team last week baseball fears aboutlooming layoffs at the Washington Post during an awkward visit to The Newsroom a source close to the situation said Bezos told a paper senior staff inprivate meetings that he had no plans to sell the paper there's a picture of the current owner Dan Snyder nevertheless one logical Suitor believes theWashington Post is for sale and plans to bid a source with direct knowledge of the situation said declining to name theSuitor a Second Source who buys and sells newspapers said he also heard the paper might be up for grabs I thinkbases of people could go to Dan and say as a gesture of Goodwill we are selling the paper our source closes the situation said I think that would go along way with Dan meanwhile front office Sports reported last Tuesday the Bank of America hired by cider to auction theCommandos continues to court Bezos even if there are indications that Snyder does not want to sell the Amazon FoundryBezos does not hire an investment banker to sell the Washington Post nor has he made it perfectly clear if it's for saleneither source is close to the former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who according to a December 23rd accessreport is interested in buying either the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post also Bloomberg who owns Bloomberg is trying to buy anothernewspaper without making a monopoly or is it too much competition in mainstream media for that to happen that would be interesting though but it doesn't seemlike Bezos is 100 committed yet to sell their Washington Post he has no plans to sell it however it looks like he doeshave plans to buy the Washington commanders and when Bezos is he doesn't have money due to both right does he really need to sell the Washington Postto buy an NFL team a spokesperson for Bezos says the Washington Post is not for sale a spokesperson for the journalthe owner of which News Corp also owns the Newark post to the paper is not for sale that's interesting so the Wall Street Journal owner the parent companyNews Corp also owns the New York Post interesting could there be conflicts of interest there last week reportssurfaced that the commanders have been taking first round beds from perspective acquirers and that Bezos who reportedly has been in talked with Jay-Z to buy upa team wasn't among them while so Jeff Bezos may buy an NFL team with Jay-Z another billionaire basil is eventight-lipped on the subject of the commanders apart from a November CNN interview in which he said the football is his favorite sport and his girlfriendLauren Sanchez chimed in I do like football I'm just now going in to throw it out there interesting so it seemslike Jeff Bezos may be on his way to acquiring Washington commanders that would make a lot of sense pesos doeslive in Washington Sports journalists meanwhile have been happy to Wayne on behalf of Dan Steiner who's disposition toward Bezos is decidedly lessenthusiastic according to reports Not only was I told Bezos didn't submit a bid I've had people tell me the Snyder family has absolutely no interest inselling to Bezos so it sounds like there's a beef between Bezos and the Stan's Diner guy the current owner her and we'll have to see how things playout that was in response to reports that the highest first round bid came in at 6.3 billion short of 7 billion plus thatSnyder reportedly is seeking while also seeking seven billion dollars to sell the Washington commanders he set the NBCSports Vader King it'll never happen Dan Snyder the tests in the Washington Post no way he'd sell to the owner of thatpaper I can easily imagine better owners for the Washington Post than Jeff Bezos from one side so it looks like Jeff Bezos is trying to buy the NFLWashington commanders which is now going for seven billion dollars but there's a caveat the current NFL owner Dan Snyderhas beef with Bezos and may not be able to go through and it doesn't look like Bezos has any plans to sell theWashington Post in the meantime do you believe Jeff Bezos is going to own the NFL Commandos it could be a great purchase here we have from stop seven money mistakes I learned the hard way written by yours truly so these are seven money mistakes I learnedthe hard way so you don't have to said pay attention to these lessons take notes as a reminder otherwise you maymake the same mistakes yourself number one buying stupid stuff this may seem obvious but the most obvious mistakesend up costing us the most growing up I was a big car guy I attended as many car shows as possible the Ferraris theLamborghinis Bugattis I could tell you about them all in fact I visited the Lamborghini Ferrari and Pagani Museum inItaly many years ago where I saw horicio Pagani the founder ride his bike along the factory Road why was I so fascinatedwith these elaborate objects they were an inspiration a symbol of greatness a display of man's achievement at the timeSaturn V Blackbird Bugatti these were the vehicles of greatness and although they did bring inspiration they alsobrought desire a kind of Desire that was not what it seemed but at the time I didn't know any better I did notunderstand the reason people buy expensive cars is not for Speed or Comfort or utility but rather for statusto feed one's ego to cover insecurities so when I was fortunate enough to drivemy own dream car a Tesla Model y performance off the lot it was incredible 0 to 60 in three and a halfseconds every customization you could imagine cruising down Miami on the I-95 at night true spectacle but afterseveral months of usage that desire wore off and the bills stacked up you know the saying a car loses 30 percent of itsvalue off the lot it's true I paid upwards of one thousand dollars per month to lease plus eight hundreddollars per month for insurance and ended up returning it to ride Uber or Lyft instead which was not only less headache and maintenance but practicaltoo it saved me so much time working than I did driving and I learned time is greater than status do not forget thisnumber two ignoring the BS tax what some call the ignorance tax I call thetax why because what is disregarded as minor at the time ends up costing us a ton for example taxeslifestyle inflation time failure to keep track of BS leads to Great loss and forthose that don't know what lifestyle inflation is there's a whole system that once you become wealthy once you becomerich that's designed to specifically take advantage of you if you're not careful so you have to have the right mindset and keep track accordingly threenot knowing your numbers what gets tracked gets measured how can you spend X without having it often not knowinghow much I had on hand led to inflated numbers that did not exist to avoid this measure everything from cash flow totaxes to forecasting to account for what you have and spend with confidence know your numbers number four buying largeobjects you know the saying bigger is better it's a lie online influencers show you pictures of expensive cars JetsYachts but what may seem cool or hip as a flex is often a facade what you do notsee behind the scenes is the maintenance fuel costs repairs Insurance mentalbandwidth time and more risk most assets we own end up becoming liabilities ifyou're not careful one example is the monster custom made eight foot 36 inch desk I bought for an office setup thesame one popular Tech Creator Marquis Brownlee owns only to realize transporting it up took an entire movingcompany up and down 20 stories through an underground parking garage while ensuring no glass was cracked I I laterlearned when it comes to physical possessions less is more and ended up donating it to charity 5. overspendingon rent for most rent or mortgage is the single greatest expense in our lives with Rising interest rates and economicrecession and America turning into a renter Nation minimizing rent is more essential than ever instead of living ina luxury Miami apartment for a year I could have cut costs shared with a roommate explored alternative options Ilearned minimizing rent is the single greatest leverage of personal finance six leasing a car statistically owningor leasing a car can be a waste of money until you're 25. don't believe me ask the insurance companies who only loweryour insurance rate at 25 years old they have more data on what choices you'relikely to make than you ever will that's why insurance is such a great business you pay for nothing they sell fearbacked by the government to drive a car you must have insurance you must buy a product from a private company backed bythe government otherwise you can can't drive if you lived in a city as I did ride sharing or public transportationmay be a more practical option and save you more valuable time than driving so when I lived in Miami what I learnedinstead of driving a Tesla a few times a week I then switched to Uber or Lyft pick me up for something like 10 to 20dollars per ride rather than paying 1800 bucks a month for insurance a car payment electricity Fuel and all theseother headaches and maintenance seven taking on debt personal finance professional Dave Ramsey once said debtsteals from your future and keeps you stuck in your past this could not be more true I've taken three loans in mylife the first an 11 500 SBA loan during the pandemic to Pivot my clothing brand business the second a 52 000 Shopifyloan at 17 interest thinking I was going to hire more people the third a twentythousand dollar IRS payment to pay off my taxes all three were paid off but only the first was even remotely worththe risk the majority costed more money headache and time I did not have so whenit comes to debt the risk is always greater than the reward if you found those seven lessons helpful go to to read the whole thingand subscribe meanwhile the world economic Forum Klaus Schwab unveils dystopian planned during elitist meetingfor an open borders Global Communication future VR nightmare after promising tomaster the future I can't make this up the global collaboration Village is asurprise effort to use the metabolous for thepaprikut to create Global cooperation strengthen Global cooperation whoelected you in the meta world so using metaverse TechnologiesGlobal collaboration Village in cooperation with decorating a metaverseVillages and are going to rule the universegovernments business Civil Society all the elitessustained basis this is the next phase the next big phase of development whatwas the first phase it's especially important for this vision of a villageWithout Borders why are they so interested in building a village without supporters and it is in the medicaldevelopment philosophy you know we're creating at Microsoft through Microsoft mesh a softwareplatform wonderful that will be accessible to people through a variety Bill Gates will own them devicesthis particular project in our view is of enormous importance for the world Iunderstand because of the role that the world economic Forum plays the role world so this is an opportunitywith all these Elites that's what's going on world economic Forum we're now facing something deeper mass extinctionscientifically this is not a climate crisis we are now facing something massextinction air pollution undermining ecosystem functions really puttingHumanity's future at risk this is a planetary crisis oh it's a planetarythis is a safety crisis but is also a Justice crisis a Justice many areas inthe world are uninhabitable this uninhabitable zone is increasing whichwill continue with our greenhouse gas emissions then by 2070 as many as 3billion people will live in uninhabitable zones bye friends 27 howdo they know this it's pretty far ways away isn't it wef's Global collaboration Village in the metaverse can be trustedbecause interpols on the board says Clash Schwab Mr Schwab I think the metaverse is a great tool to reinventthe way we work but in general the question is in a moment we see a quite a big decline in trust and politicalinstitutions that's for sure their representatives worldwide and a meeting here in Davos at what extent do youthink this can strengthen to trust is distrust again I I would referral afterwards also toBrad Smith I think about what is essential is to make sure thatum the system as such as a technology uhcan be trusted technology and um one of the on one of the village partnerfor example is INTERPOL so we work together wonderfulum is as safe as it can as it can beInterpol will save you in the metaverse aren't you excited Elon Musk replied wefincreasingly becoming an unelected world government that people never asked for and don't want I couldn't have said itbetter myself Tony Blair calls for digital infrastructure to monitor who is vaccinated and who is not quote vaccineswill come down the line at Klaus Schwab's World economic Forum you need to know who's been vaccinated and whohasn't been some of the taxis that will come on down the line will be multiple there'll be multiple shots so you modelto have the reasons but certainly for a pandemic or for umfor vaccines you've got to have a proper digital totally agree 100 don't have that in fact most countries don't havethat it doesn't exactly explain why but what could go wrong Paul Graham says I have to admit I never understood exactlywhat the world economic Forum was supposed to be about but this at least makes me stop feeling I should have andalso worth my fears they know that this crisis is much more than physical andenvironmental chisholms we have a deeply wounded Spirit as a people that is indesperate need of healing and restoration yes and we must look to our Almighty Creator to find our properplace in humanity our proper place as that one strain and also I agree withfaith for one I agree utterly and completely agree I can't even maybe Elon Musk is on tosomething after all citizen journalism long-formed videos published directly to Twitter holding the Wes oligarchs toaccount because the regime media won't these guys at Rebel news they basically they went to a CNBC office in Davos andinterviewed Greta thundberg would you say you're a child actor are you a child actor or an expert howwould you describe yourselfwhat did you get here today so they're interviewing the surroundingGreta thundberg do you think at least the fact these delegates take private jets is a BadThing against you know what you believe in yeah 100 all of this could be done viaZoom so surely surely you should be encouraging all the delegates especially the likes of U.S Special Envoy JohnKerry for climate uh especially climate change surely you should be saying to these people you should be doing thisvia Zoom with a much smaller carbon footprint surely right rightGreta avoid my questions if climate changes are conGreta it's getting quite cold in Davos when can I expect some global warming[Laughter] those are the questions you should beasking like turn it into a funny situation you don't have to be so serious all the time that's what people want to watch you want to watch entertaining stuff if it's news likethis in Davos Elon Musk says power to the people I think that really sums up with Patrick but David says four foundational principles of Journalismone seek truth and report it two minimize harm three act independentlyfour be accountable and transparent which journalists are currently doing this and he puts a picture of Journalismbefore and journalism now where they're just shouting at people and doing none of the above not accountable to anyonewhereas before real journalists are independent Fearless actually seeking truth I think that's why there's such arise in Independent Media now is because people are fed up with the lies they're fed up with the pandering they just wantaccountable news they hate Elon Musk because they can't control him our message was clear we have the rulesthese are people that have to be compliant otherwise there will be sanctions they're gonna put sanctionsagainst Elon Musk if he shows up to Davos [Music]that the confidence has been weakened yeah why and I had quite a high level ofconfidence when it comes to Twitter I have to say that we worked with knowledgeable people with the lawyerswith the sociologists who understood that they have tobehave in some decent way not to cause really big harm to the society I alwaysfelt that this this notion of responsibility was there so this is whatI don't feel from Elon Musk personally she feels that Elon Musk is going toencourage great damage to society we'll see what happens meanwhile these reporters were threatened to be punchedout by cnbc's Intel manager editor for politely asking him simple questions these are thugs that want to control theworld but he doesn't scare me yes yes not me that's okay thank you ABCreporter what is your interests I'm covering the news I'm doing whatyour bosses are supposed to be doing it's upset what's he so scared abouttheir job is supposed to be doing what he's complaining I'm doing and now he's calling security too it'snot wrong oh premises well so cnbc's complaining that realreporters real journalists are filming CNBC makes sense doesn't it meanwhile Elon Musk saying citizen journalism isvital to the future of civilization that may be one of the reasons he bought Twitter to film the CEO of Pfizer thisvideo has been banned on Facebook Instagram and YouTube the wef once it scrubbed and their lackeys are happy tooblige thank you Elon Musk for not caving 7.3 million views and Counting the public wants more answers so I don'tknow if I can actually play this but it now has over 20 million views but there is a podcast with a few billionaires whowas able to play the video on YouTube called the all-in podcast which is great go check it out and he says unless thisvirus turns into Ebola I'm never getting boosted again it's ineffective speak toyour doctors not for VCS just remember vaccine manufacturers have a business to run and politicians have to getreelected while so a few billionaires on a podcast have elected not to get boosted again but but just rememberspeak to your doctor speak to your doctor which is quite interesting because one of them Works in biotech andof course Elon Musk replying with the laughing emoji which is quite hilarious to say the least they won't allow you toplay the video on YouTube Instagram Facebook all these social media companies but when a few billionairesplay the video it's totally fine just speak to your doctor so I hope you found value this week's episode be sure tosubscribe over at stop being and I'll see you in the next episode