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all right ladies and gentlemen welcomeback to the Sam Weinstein show this isepisode two and you may have heard thisweek There's a conference going oncalled the world economic Forum this isbasically a conference where all theElites from you know the billionaires orthe politicians or whoever else hassupposed power in the world comestogether in Switzerland I believe yeahDavos Switzerland and basically they'veall flying in private jets and they talkabout how uh you know you need to cutdown in your carbon emissions and soforth and you know make the world abetter place by this thing calledstakeholder capitalism basically whatstakeholder capitalism means is you knowyou have the original shareholdercapitalism where you have a company andthe mission of the company or the goalper se is to make profit for theshareholders or the owners of thecompany now that could be a you knowsingle owner or if the company's publicthe shareholders that you know thepeople can buy a share on the market butthe overall goal for shareholdercapitalism is basically to make a profitnow when stakeholder capitalism comes inthe difference between shareholdercapitalism and stakeholder capitalism isshareholder capitalism is to make profitand stakeholder capitalism is to gainpower and so you see all these budswords like you know stakeholdercapitalism and it's a very subtledifference between stakeholder andshareholder not a lot of people aregoing to notice it but as soon as youbegin to understand what it actuallymeans when you have things like ESGwhich stands for environmental socialand governance it's basically thisprogram where it's like a social scorefor certain businesses or certaincorporations determined by this Elitegroup of people and what's interestingis you know you look at the list of ESGcompanies and I'll just read off for youso number 12 Exelon Corporation sothey're an energy company you havePepsiCo Cisco Verizon I'm not sure howVerizon is very uh environmentallyfriendly since they're putting theselarge cell service Towers everywhere youhave Nvidia you have apple PayPal Bankof America Salesforce Microsoft Inteland alphabet so the problem with the ESGis it's very vague and it's very vagueon purpose has to make it harder forlegit corporations we're actuallyfollowing environmental standards likeTesla to get on the list Tesla not evenanywhere to be found and I wonder whythat is you know why is Exxon ahead ofTesla on the ESG are they doingsomething where it's magical they'repulling oil out of the wells and that'ssomehow more environmentally friendlythan energy like electricity or is itlike a pay to play where you have to payto get on the list and it's sort of likeyou know this guy knows this guy andwe'll put you on number one or numbertwo and the whole list is like YouTube'strending list where it's controlled by asmall group of people when it's notactually trending but it's more like aneditor's pick that goes up and down so Ibring up ESG because the world economicforum is having their annual conferencein Switzerland and they're all being abunch of Hypocrites and they come upwith some really weird ideas for examplethis guy Klaus Schwab so he he's likethe supposed Mastermind behind thiswhole event and there's a really creepyvideo of him that someone made I want toplay right now let's see because they'refrighteningwhat pay insufficient attention Okay tothe frightening scenario of acomprehensive Cyber attack whichthe power supply Transportation Hospitalservices our society as a whole[Music]by 90 crisis could be seen in thisrespect as a small disturbance incomparison to a major Cyber attackwhoa that that's that's kind of creepy Idon't know why there's some sort ofCyber attack coming but this guy is kindof creepy if you know what I mean ElonMusk replying to the movie saying thismovie writes itself and Elon Musk is nota big fan of the ESG or the worldeconomic Forum because Tesla's not evenanywhere near on the list now why wouldTesla one of the most energy independentyou know the whole mission is to youknow produce sustainable energy why arethey not on this list why are they notat one two three why is Google at numberone what has Google done to do to reducecarbon emissions compared to Tesla notquite sure now there's another video ofhim let's see here this is the welcomingceremony yesmeeting2023. I express this is called the oldoutcome on behalf of Survolt of trusteesand my colleague is a presidentis very very weird they're very strongus all so p people who are here to makeyou stay here enjoyable and productivewe couldn't meet at a more challengingtimewith so many crisisI think stakeholders of business I thinkis the first step on space in the Civilsocieties the Young Generation that Icould go on I thinkhuh to meet all the challenges all rightso basically they're coming together tome and and it looks like they're kind ofthe future destroyers of the world I'mnot sure if this is like the Illuminatior something but something is very oddhere you know why are all these peoplewhy are all these world leaders comingto this small town in Switzerland once ayear to discuss I don't I don't know isthe United Nations or something like itseems very odd and a lot of their ideasare very interesting to say the least asyou know the class Schwab guy is verynotorious for saying you will ownnothing and be happy or I don't knowabout you but that's not a very uhpleasing message to a lot of people nowthis brings me to my next Point as youmay have noticed on the front of thelaptop here is a message called stopbeing poor now what does this mean whydid I put that there is it meant to pourshame all the peasants yes okay that's ajoke but there's a story behind and Iwant to explain that now so you knowover the last week I've been trying tocreate this you know Media company withyou know this podcast and theneventually a newsletter and so forth andyou know I was trying to think of youknow what could the media company becalled what's sort of the message behindit what do I want to put out to theworld that'll you know help people orprovide value or you know talk aboutstuff I know and I came to one specificmessage now I knew a media company youknow whatever the name is whatever theit needs to be something that getsattention and so my thought process wasif I have this you know stop being pooryou know it's kind of funny because itstarted as a joke but it also getsattention so but the intent behind it isactually not to you know shame anyone orwhatnot but it's actually help peoplestop being poor and to help people beless poor so I'm not sure how you know alot of people see that this you knowstop being poor and and immediately theyget triggered and they get offended andthey say how dare you when really behindit the intent of the message if youbreak it down stop okay being okay poorright how is that a bad message sobasically the last week I've beenputting together this this website and you know I wantedto be a you know newsletter I'm going tohave this podcast but basically that'llbe the uh Media company that everythingis uh surrounded by and so you know I'lljust pull it up here for a second so Iput together a sort of you know uh aboutpage slash you know mission statementand so this is the sort of uh initialthoughts but I basically put togethersomething called it's called our storyit's on the about page and so it sayswhat started as a joke sparked amovement it has a picture of classSchwab the guy from the world economicForum very evil James Bond film lookingguy and then I put a quote from thisbook you know I've been reading it'scalled the managerial Revolution and youknow I'll discuss this later but what ittalks about is basically the big problemin our society is is it's really betweenthe different classes in our society andso you know the majority of the peopleare in the working class and then youhave this minority people called themanagerial class made up of you knowbureaucrats and technicians and thesebusiness Executives and whatnot and andthe point of the book it's called themanagerial Revolution by James Burnhamuh and I'll read a quote in a second uhGeorge Orwell actually the nose for thisbook and he wrote this book in 1940. soit's interesting because so much of whatthis book encompasses seems like whatwe're going through today so I'll readthe quote it says capitalism isdisappearing but socialism is notreplacing it what is now arising is anew kind of planned centralized societywhich will be neither capitalist nor anyaccepted sense of the word Democraticthe rulers of this new Society will bethe people who effectively control themeans of production that is businessExecutives technicians bureaucrats andsoldiers lumped together under the namemanagers these people will eliminate theold capitalist class crush the workingclass and so organize society that allpower and economic privilege remain intheir own hands private property rightswill be abolished but common ownershipwill be established the new managerialsocieties will not consist of apatchwork of small independent statesbut of great super States grouped aroundthe main industrial centers of EuropeAsia and America these super States willfight among themselves for possession ofremaining uncaptured portions of Earthbut will probably be unable to conquerone another completely internally eachSociety will be hierarchical aristocracyof talent at the top and a masssemi-slave at the bottom George Orwell1946. so what's interesting about thisquote from this book is that a it has alot to do with today I don't know ifyou've seen or felt in society thatthere's this you know upper class versusthe slower class and so what'sinteresting about this quote is Orwellcalls these people managers and so ifyou've ever noticed these bureaucratswhether you know growing up the you knowSchool administrators or people in thegovernment or companies withcorporations with terrible service orwhatnot those sort of people that createall the headache and bureaucracy WithinThese entities Orwell describes asmanagers like the Karen manager and thenI said sound familiar you see the worldin which we live is designed to keep youpoor we're born with a dream to aneducation system that did not educateyou you knew you were different but youfollowed the her for years you wereindoctrinated told to sit down shut updo as you're told but this dreamremained you enroll them busy Schoolhoping to fulfill the stream but itbecame clear that business professorswho taught you never ran a businessthemselves so you dropped out took risksand started your own business you failedover and over and over again despiteyour best efforts you cannot get thebusiness off the ground just when youwere about to give up you achievedsuccess you finally accomplishedeverything you dreamed of but yourvictory was short-lived because youreceived no real education poordecisions led to a massive tax bill thedream you once had was no more you gaveup to work on someone else's dream asyears went by you tried making a lifefor yourself but could not afford itwith no Direction no purpose you wereenslaved to a job that did not respectyou sold to the media to control whatyou think 40 years went by in a blink ofan eye by some miracle you tried toretire only to learn your savings hadrun dry spent on things you did notconsent by people you did not know youworked another decade you were 75 yearsold and retired with a few years leftinstead of enjoying the last rays oflife you were distracted by politicskept alive as a statistic you tried tospeak out but the government silencedtheir speech that American Dream youonce had no longer existed you left theworld a worse place than you found itset up by the people who controlled itthe managerial Elite do you understandthis is their plan for you this is not aprophecy but your eulogy you will ownnothing and be happy however there ishope you see the only thing that liftspeople from poverty is real educationhere is your first lesson you weretaught being poor is about financialstatus that once you have enough moneyyou will be happy this is like sayingonce you have enough volume the musicwill sound better when in reality bothamplify more of what we already havewhat does it mean to be poor to be worsethan usual expected or desirable of alow or inferior standard quality it'sabout relationships health wealthwithout all three you are poor ourmission to inform educate and Empowerfree entrepreneurs to stop being poorand in doing so save entrepreneurialcapitalism then I put our valuesentrepreneurial capitalism we value theoriginal shareholder capitalism overstakeholder or woe capitalism seekingprofit is acceptable seeking power isnot so this basically means we want torestore the original capitalism the onethat made America or the Western Generalspecifically America a great nationbecause of entrepreneurs the ability tostart your own business and beindependent you know you see all theseimmigrants coming here the first thingthey do they start a business andthey're successful at it that's whatmakes America great is theentrepreneurial spirit and so we seek torestore that from these managerial Elitethat now control everything they controlyou know big Finance big business bigPharma big you know government whateverything you name it all themanagerial Elite control all theseinstitutions and so our goal is toinform educate and Empower freeentrepreneurs entrepreneurs that havethe ability to speak out and actuallymake a difference to stop being poor sothat we can save entrepreneurialcapitalism because seeking profit like abusiness is acceptable but stakeholdercapitalism like What's Happening Nowseeking power is not acceptable and oursecond value Victor mentality in a timeof virtue signaling and false victimhoodwe value personal responsibility andownership of one's own actions this isvery important especially in business tohave personal responsibility or a Victormentality if you have a victim mentalityyou're just going to be run over I meanit's promoted in society today butreally if you're a victim you're notgoing to be very happy for the rest ofyour life someone else is going to havepower over you and so having a Victormentality enables personalresponsibility and is the ultimatefreedom because you're able to controlyour own actions and your own outcomesand the third value good faith so we'renot backed by special interests hedgefunds or faceless acronyms or 100independent what you see is what you getwe want to be as transparent as possiblehonest as possible so that we're able tohave a good relationship with ourcustomers and the people that support usand so this whole stop being poor MediaCompany you know I thought to myself doI want to help or at least start outhelping you know everyone do I want toserve everyone that sounds a little bitarrogant to say that you're able to helpeveryone and so I really wanted tonarrow it down to the people that I'myou know personally able to help that Ihave experience in or talk about stuffthat I'm personally knowledgeable in andthat is entrepreneurs I call them freeentrepreneurs because look I know I knowa bunch of people who are entrepreneursor business owners or whatnot but orinfluencers or creators or what have youbut are they really free if anAdvertiser comes along and offers them abunch of money for a one-year contractper se and then the second day they wantto talk about something else or theydon't have creative control or theydon't debate basically they don't havecontrol over their own process and soyou know I know people who are worthtens of Millions on paper but theycannot actually say what they think andso what's the point of having all thethis money all this Capital all thisability to help people you can't evensay what you think so we want to servefree entrepreneurs entrepreneurs thataren't afraid to say what they think tobe contrarian to go outside of thestatus quo because those are the peoplethose are the people I'd bet on and sowhen I was creating this Media Companyyou know I I started by making you knowI launched a YouTube channel and whatnotand I made these four videos of uh youknow just answering the question as towhy you should care like who am I andwhatnot and you know I sort of made itlike a docu a docu-series style and itwas sort of like a documentary styleI'll be honest I don't know how peoplemake these documentaries because it's sohard it's so challenging to to dwell onyour past not to look back at your pastbut dwelling on your past is a hugemistake looking back to learn about thelessons of the past so you don't makethem in the future is a good thing butif you look back or your old photos yourold camera your old camera rollcontinuously day after day after day tomake this documentary it really screwsit with your mind it really screws withyour mind because it's almost likeyou're living in the past and and trustme you do not want to do that you wantto live in the present plan for thefuture but 99 of your energy should beon the right now what can you do rightnow not in the past not dwelling in thepast and not you know planning super farout in the future you can have these youknow ambitious goals and whatnot butmost of your energy by a vast majorityshould be focused on the now on thepresent because that's what's going tohave most impact and I bring that upbecause when I was creating all thesedocumentaries or when I was you knowworking on my business per se or when Iwas working in my business per se thepower of focus is Undisputed it's soimportant to have Focus as anentrepreneur because without it you'regoing to be distracted you're going tobe oh you know a girl in the red dressor all this or or shining objectsyndrome or you know oh this comes alongthat comes along no stop cut it outfocus on one thing and do that one thingover and over and over again and thatone thing should be the lifeblood ofyour business or of your life in generalwhether that's Revenue generatingactivities you know working on thebusiness as opposed to in the businessbut as soon as you start getting in theweeds and all that and distract talkingfrom your focus everywhere you lose somuch and you cannot afford to do that asan entrepreneur so you know for exampleyou know this week when I was setting upthe the media company you know there's alot of things I wanted to open sourcethat I wanted to you know have the fancycamera I wanted to do all this I wantedto set up the email servers I went and Ijust I got to a point where I'm justlike this is so frustrating even thoughI need to set this up you know insteadof focusing on the what I need to focuson The Who and so I found somedevelopers and I just said hey you knowthese are the instructions here's what Iwant you to do I'll pay you this muchand they did it and it saved me so muchtime from having to go out and do itmyself and you know I'm good at Tech butit's just it wastes so much time thatyou don't have if you're not an expertin the field or if it's not thecentralized focus of what yourexperience is time is the most scarceresource you have and focusing is thebest way to harness that time and sowith this Media company I want to dothere's going to be a newsletter andthere's going to be a you know obviouslythis is a podcast and with the podcast Iwant to interview more peoplespecifically you know people that I findinteresting that reach out to me or andspecifically the free entrepreneur thatI described as a customer avatar for thebusiness so interviewing entrepreneursthat are not afraid to say what theythink and have a story to tell that'swho I want to be interviewing on thispodcast and then putting it to anewsletter and sending it out now whypodcast why a newsletter for MediaCompany why not just start you know likeevery other YouTuber a YouTube channeland just upload you know one-off videosevery week well it really comes down toyou know I saw uh you know Garyvaynerchuk he talks about you know thisa post 86 pieces of content a day 300pieces of content a day a week or athousand people a thousand a thousandpieces of content a month I mean he overdoes it he he's Overkill with it but heput together this really coolpresentation and basically the wholevalue I got from it is that you knowpodcasting or you know having some sortof long piece of content is the mostefficient way to run a media companybecause you have you know let's say it'sa podcast so let's say it's a anewsletter right so you have this longform piece of content and then you'reable to pluck things out of that likeClips or tweets or what have you andit's almost like you know every day ifyou record a podcast let's say it's youknow one hour just from that one houryou're able to create these you know 86pieces of content that garyvee talksabout from that one piece of content andyou could spread that over like a monthso maybe you have a podcast right andthen you transcribe it make it anewsletter make it an article and youtake sections of the article put it onTwitter as a tweet take clips from thepodcast put on Instagram put on Facebookput on social media everywhere and thenyou you have shorts you put on LinkedInyou put on you know real sensory and youput his shorts on YouTube and so it'salmost like you have this you know threetypes of pieces of content you have thelong form pieces of content podcast thenewsletter you have the medium-sizedpieces of content like videos or clipsand then you have the shorts you knowlike YouTube shorts Instagram reels thatare sub 60 second pieces of content oreasy digestible content and going downfrom top to bottom you know most peopleare gonna be watching the shorts It'sGonna Get the most distribution but themost valuable people are gonna bewatching the podcast the long formpieces of content because those are theones you're going to be building therelationships with and then videos youknow a lot of people say videos aredying or you know it's either going tolong form or short form there's no onebetween I think they're wrong and here'swhy I think videos and I'm talking likeyou know 10 minute 10 to 20 minute areain that range or even like around the 10minute Mark those videos are gonna befor super high quality super polishedsuper edited pieces of content shortfilms or short movies or you knowanything that's like Netflix style superproduce super over edited almost likeyou know videos on YouTube are going tobecome movies essentially and so that'swhere I sort of see this going and thecontent media landscape and so that'swhat I'm sort of using to be mostefficient as possible and I think AndrewTate brought this up or something and hehe goes on a bunch of podcasts andwhatnot but he had a really good pointhe said you know the difference betweenwhat he does and Mr Beast you know MrBeast has this you know massive MediaCompany 200 plus people you know buildsthis uh Chocolate Factory or hot airballoon or or buys a private island Imean he is super Overkill the problemwith it is these videos take months andmonths and months to produce so it'salmost like you know Mr Beast is sort ofevolving to this Hollywood or moviesstyle of production and the podcastersare sort of going to you know like backin the whole day like the live radioshow or or sort of this long-form pieceof content that you have to sit down orif you're just listening to and so onone hand you you got podcasting which isthe most efficient but then you have theMr Beast the movie type which is thebest quality so it's really thedifference between do you want qualityor do you want quantity and where do youbalance that in between and so for meyou know I don't have the millions andmillions of dollars to spend on thesebig sets of movie productions but if Ican start with the quantity podcastingand do that over and over and overeventually the quality will get so goodthat just people will come and watch itand that's where the media landscape isgoing now I want to go back to sort ofthe mission of the company of whatstopping poor means the inform educateand Empower free entrepreneurs stoppingpoor and save entrepreneurial capitalismwhat does that mean well in this bookThe managerial Revolution you knowBurnham talks about the managerial classor specifically the managerial Elitebecause the managerial class at least inour society today are all these you knowthe professional class so theprofessional managerial class theythey're the bureaucrats they're the theprofessional Executives at all these youknow Fortune 500 companies and I think alot of these people a lot of themanagerial class they just want to raisea family stay out of the way make a goodliving they don't care enough to haveall these you know Twisted ideologiesand screwing up Society or whatnot andso that's the managerial class but themanagerial Elite all the people at thetop of these companies are the people atthe top of society the top of thegovernment and you really have apandemic today that no one really talksabout and it's the pandemic of corporatecowardice you see all these CEOs Fortune500 CEOs what's happened is and whathappened and what talks about in thebook is the original class ofentrepreneurs the original capitalistclass built all these great companiesthey build it all up and then theyeither sell it or they die or theyretire and eventually they need toOutsource it to someone else they needto find the next CEO or next CEO andwhat happens is the people they hire arenot actually entrepreneurs but moremanagers and so they have a verydifferent outlook on life thanentrepreneurs do entrepreneurs liketaking rescue entrepreneurs likebuilding things from scratch match theyhave a big Vision the managerial Elitedo not like any of those things theywant reward not risk they want Power notprofit there are corporatists they wantto conform they're hrfi risk-averse andso it's these people the managerialElite that are causing all the problemsof society and the division between thedifferent classes and that's where youget the stakeholder or what's calledwoke capitalism it's from these Elitesat the very top that didn't earn theirway to get there but were rather placedthere or hired there and have very verydifferent incentives than entrepreneursthe entrepreneur class the capitaliststhat's where you get woke capitalism sothere's this tweet from this guy namedBalaji that reminds me of what's goingon today says there's an individualdimension of capitalism I can clasticheroic entrepreneurial risk tolerant andthen there is the bureaucratic Dimensioncorporatist conformist hrified riskaverse woe capital is a latter theydon't like capitalism they like theworst parts that might be obvious but Ihad to pick but I had to put my fingeron it why did these people who purportedto hate capitalism become becomeomnipresent at big companies partlyhypocrisy yes but also these peoplewanted reward not risk power not purposeand a big company not a small startupall the parts the founder likes aboutcapitalism the creativity the lack ofstructure the adventure the motivationprovided by the yawning Chasm of failurebelow this is what repels theconformists they hate economic risk asviscerally as the founder loves them andthat ladies and gentlemen is why won'tcapitalism is plaguing our societybecause you have these two verydifferent classes or specifically themanagerial Elite that are in control ofall these institutions whereas beforethe capitalist class the entrepreneurswere the ones creating everything andcontrol of at least the private sectorand so now you see all these you knowwoke Millennials or gen's ears or I'mtriggered I'm offended people going andStaffing all these big corporationswhether it's the Washington Post the NewYork Times or big Pharma or big Tech orbig anything because their incentive isnot profit but Power itself so ladiesgentlemen I hope you enjoyed episode twoconsider checking out the new newsletterat stop being leave yourcomments below let me know what youthink share and I'll see you in the nextepisode