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Struggling on Facebook?

After over $1,500,000 Dollars Generated on my own clothing brand with Facebook & TikTok ads, I have come to one conclusion:

Facebook SUCKS!

❌ Competition is through the roof (and continues to rise)
❌ Tracking is impossible
❌ Cost to acquire a new customer is not sustainable
❌ Your Ad Account disables itself
❌ Facebook "reps" will not stop calling you everyday
In fact, Facebook is deteriorating so fast the entire company rebranded itself "Meta".Trust me, I know a thing or two about Facebook...

Can't Figure Out TikTok?

You've tried TikTok, setup an account, and even run some ads but...❌ Performance is as bad as Facebook (or worse)
❌ TikTok won't let you spend anything
❌ You don't use TikTok yourself
❌ You're not familiar with the platform and best practices
❌ You don't know which types of ads perform well for you on TikTok
❌ What are spark ads?!
TikToks are specific and must be crafted with the utmost care.In fact, TikToks tend to work on other platforms, NOT the other way around.

You Need Someone Who Lives and Breathes TikTok to Scale Your Business

That's where I come in...I empathize with being a Founder, because I am one.I've generated over 7 figures running my own eCommerce brand with my own money.I'm not your typical agencyI put my money where my mouth is and through trial, error, and experience learned everything to know about running TikTok ads effectively.

But I also know how to Create...

  • How to Make TikToks that convert

  • How to Make Engaging TikToks

  • How to Hook People in

  • How to Create and Source User Generated Content

  • How to Increase Video Retention & Watch Time to improve performance

  • How to buy paid media effectively

Don't Believe Me? I've grown 3 of my account to hundreds of thousands and worked with some of the largest creators on the planet.

Case Study

$100,000 to 180,000* in 90 Days

Sustainable Performance First

I only work with brands who fit the following criteria:

  • Belief in the brand's product & mission

  • Ability to grow long term

  • Ideally spending a minimum of $50,000 per month across existing paid traffic channels

Sustainable Performance means at the end of the day I only make money when you do.

Ready to take TikTok seriously?

  • 90% of TikTok users access the app every day.

  • TikTok has currently has over 1 billion monthly active users.

  • TikTok generated more than $1 billion in revenue in 2020

  • TikTok is world's first app not owned by Facebook to gain over 3 billion downloads

  • TikTok will overtake Facebook in less than two years as the #1 paid traffic platform in the world

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About Me

After working with some of the biggest creators on YouTube like Preston, Crainer, etc. I decided to start my own business.So, like many other solopreneurs, I started dropshipping: selling random Chinese products to US customers.Although I was able to generate close to 6-figures in sales, I quickly realized dropshipping is not a sustainable business model as it lacks the following two things:
- Quality products
- Fast shipping
That's when I discovered Print on Demand: taking the good aspects of dropshipping (no inventory risk) and combing it with quality merchandise products fulfilled in the United States like shirts, hoodies, stickers, etc.Print on Demand solves the problems with dropshipping and has allowed me to grow my clothing brand to over $1,500,000 in sales.Now I'm sharing what I've learned along my journey and providing value to people like you!

Build Your Brand into a Content MACHINE

Don't Believe Me? GaryVee Does:

Your brand's life depends on creating content consistently AND testing creatives that perform.Stop putting out content......and your business dies.But creative testing can get expensive FAST if you don't know what you're doing.Ever try working with an influencer or actor to create content for your brand?How did it perform?Most have no idea what they're are doingWhy?Because they have no marketing experience.You need someone who understands marketing principals AND is able to produce authentic, engaging content that converts.I Solve this for Brands Like You

...and have run my own brand to over 7 Figures using TikTok:

🛑 STOP wasting money on 💩 content.Take Gary's advice and have an experienced marketer create content for you.

Here's What You Get

  • 30 professionally scripted, UGC TikToks produced a Month (based on value props)

  • Unlock consumer insights on which type of content performs best for you

  • Take control of your search results and get more orders organically

  • Build up your earned media instead of relying only on paid ads

  • Increased brand awareness by cross posting to TikTok, Reels, and Shorts (x3 Reach)

  • Use best performing TikToks as Ads. Recommended by GaryVee

If even 1 out of 30 pieces of content proves to perform well...You run it as an ad and it Pays For Itself TENFOLDSound like a No Brainer?

BONUS! Growth Strategy

  • Access my knowledge & consulting as a Founder in the eCommerce space

  • Learn How to Run TikTok Ads & Unlock Best Practices

  • How to reduce overhead by thousands of dollars with SMS

  • How to Optimize Your YouTube content, thumbnails, and video retention.

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